ObjetFiltresBinTemps PoseNombres PosesTemps Total
NomSh2-224Luminance G75O151 x 160”190H19
ConstellationCocherRouge G75O151 x 190”210H31
Distance14700 alVert G75O151 x 160”200H20
Détail prise de vueBleu G75O151 x 160”230H23
LieuAmeiria PortugalS2 G139 O301 x 1300”1129.2H
Date acquisition11/10 au 22/12/20Hα G139 O301 x 1 300”21918.15H
SetupO3 G139 O301 x 1300”17914.55H
InstrumentFSQ 106Totaux51042.30H
Diamètre106 mmBias1X199
Focale530 mmDark1X151
Rapport F/D5Flat1X111
MontureEQ6 Pro SkywatcherAcquisition faite parTeam ARO
Caméra acquisitionZWO Asi 1600 MMTraitement fait parTeam ARO
Caméra de guidageLodestar X2Logiciels utilisés
Montage de guidageDO Starlight X pressAcquisitionTheSkyX , Focusmax, Maxpilote
Echantillonage1,48 arcsTraitementPixinsight, Photoshop


The acquisition of this image was more laborious than expected. We had to do a lot of exposure time to catch a glimpse of the nebulosity, given the luminosity of the object, especially on the O3 layer, whose slashes can be found on the outer layer of the object. The treatment was not simple, but the result is quite nice.


Sh2-224 is a remnant of Supernova, visible in the north of the constellation of the Coachman.

The object consists of two tenuous filaments, the most visible of which is the North-West one, and extends 20’x30′ towards the centre of the source of Radio Waves, which has dimensions of 70’x75′. Being at a moderately northerly declination, it is easy to observe in the northern hemisphere, where it is visible high in the sky most nights of the year.

The object has an unusual shape, with a shell structure with a radius of about 25 parsecs.

Another object is also very close Sh2-223 and is not visible in the picture.


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