Sh2-155 SHO

ObjetFiltresBinTemps PoseNombres PosesTemps Total
NomSh2-155Luminance G75O151 x 1120”652H16
ConstellationCéphéeRouge G75O151 x 1120”561H86
Distance2400 alVert G75O151 x 1120”722H40
Détail prise de vueBleu G75O151 x 1120”692H30
LieuAmeiria PortugalS2 G139 O301 x 1180”22211.1H
Date acquisition19/08 au 01/10/21Hα G139 O301 x 1 180”22411.20H
SetupO3 G139 O301 x 1180”1557.75H
InstrumentFSQ 106Totaux86338.77H
Diamètre106 mmBias1X199
Focale530 mmDark1X151
Rapport F/D5Flat1X111
MontureEQ6 Pro SkywatcherAcquisition faite parTeam ARO
Caméra acquisitionZWO Asi 1600 MMTraitement fait parTeam ARO
Caméra de guidageLodestar X2Logiciels utilisés
Montage de guidageDO Starlight X pressAcquisitionTheSkyX , Focusmax, Maxpilote
Echantillonage1,48 arcsTraitementPixinsight, Photoshop


Sh2-155 (also referred to as Caldwell 9, Sharpless 155 or S155 ) is a diffuse nebula in the constellation Cepheus , within a larger nebula complex containing emission, reflection and dark nebulosity. It is widely known as the Cave Nebula . Sh2-155 is an ionised H II region with ongoing star formation activity, at an estimated distance of 2400 light years from Earth. 

Sh2-155 was noted as a galactic emission nebula in 1959 in the second extended edition of the Sharpless catalogue. Although Sh2-155 is relatively faint for amateur observation, some of its structure can be seen visually through a medium-sized telescope under dark skies.

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