Alentejo Remote Observatory

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Mount AZEQ6 Pro Go-To
  • AZ-mount EQ6 GT SynScan. dual axis motorized with automatic pointing “Go-To”.
  • Modes of operation and Equatorial altazimutale choice
  • Maximum load capacity: 19kg
  • optimal load capacity in astrophotography: 16kg
  • permanent correction of periodic errors (IFIP)
  • Stepper motor resolution: 0.144 arc / sec
  • Encoders: 2x optical (patented design) on RA axis and DEC
  • gear brass AD and DEC – 92.5mm diameter, 180 teeth
  • Screw steel RA and DEC
  • Axes: Steel AD and DEC – diameter 40mm
  • Adjustment latitude: 10 ° to 70 ° (equatorial) or 90 ° (altazimutale)
  • Setting azimuth +/- 9 °
  • handbox SynScan v5 with 42,900 objects conventional celestial catalogs.
  • Movement speed up to 3.4 ° / sec – Remediation of 0.125x to 800x – Monitoring System: Sidéral, Lunar or Solar
  • Function: Park, Synchronization, Backlash, Identification, Tower …
  • single head Weight: 15kg – Height of the frame: 41cm
  • Dovetails 2 compliant female locations Losmandy and Vixen
  • 25mm counterweight shaft diameter with clamping system and games without additional lengthens 150mm
  • Counterweight: 2x 5.1kg
  • illuminated polar finder and integrated set (by us, on every frame)
  • Requires a 12 V DC (optional) with screw connector. Cord power adapter supplied
  • Port “SNAP” on the frame-type 3.5mm stereo jack + 2.5mm adapter cable supplied for Canon EOS – the type E3


Lunette FSQ 106
Lunette FSQ 106

The camera

Camera ZWO ASI 1600-PRO

The Filter Wheel

The Filter Wheel is a StarlightXpress maxifilterwheel 9 positions d=50,8mm with an integrated optical splitter.

The filter set L,R,V,B is from Baader.

The narrowband filters S2,Ha,O3 are 5nm Astrodon brand.

The Optical Divider

The Starlight Xpress “Ultra Slim” optical splitter. It is 13 mm thick, which allows to keep an important back focus. The prism can be moved in the field of illumination according to the size of the system’s image circle and is designed to work with Lodestar cameras. The full field of illumination is 49.7mm.

The Guiding Camera

The Guidance Camera is a Lodestar 2-X2.

31.75mm diameter with a 6.45mmX4.75mm sensor.

Sensitivity of 77% quantum efficiency and large pixels (8.2X8.4 microns)

Autoguide port with RJ12 plug and direct connection to the USB port of the computer.